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3 Ways Low Testosterone Affects Your Love Life

3 Ways Low Testosterone Affects Your Love Life

Testosterone is a major male sex hormone that plays a significant role in the body’s everyday health and functionality. When a man experiences low testosterone, several symptoms may arise, negatively affecting their physical and social health.Here are 3 ways low testosterone can affect your love life.

Loss of Libido

One of the most common symptoms associated with low testosterone is a decrease in sex drive. According to Harvard Health, “when testosterone levels drop too low, men can experience a lackluster libido and erectile dysfunction (ED).” A reduced sex drive often creates intimacy issues, which can negatively effect a healthy relationship with your spouse or partner.

Mood Changes

Along with a decreased sex drive, low testosterone can cause several mental health symptoms. When a man has low testosterone, he may experience mood swings, irritability and even depression. Cognitive changes and mood swings can create many problems in a relationship, such as confusion and difficulty communicating with your partner.

Low testosterone may also cause depression. Unfortunately, depression tends to get in the way of many relationships. When you feel down or in a bad mood, it can interrupt many social aspects of your relationships, such as your social interactions with your partner. Depression can also cause self-doubt and lower a person’s self-esteem, affecting how you view your partner and how your partner views you.

Decreased Energy

As we age, it is completely normal for our energy levels to slightly decline. However, decreased levels of testosterone can cause a significant drop in energy levels. Constantly feeling sluggish and fatigue is certainly not normal and means it’s unlikely that you are going to have the energy to invest in a meaningful relationship with your partner.

ReEnvisionMD’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy

When you begin testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), you may be able to regain your confidence, energy and become a better partner. Don’t let low testosterone get in the way of your relationship.

ReEnvisionMD utilizes a comprehensive approach to men’s sexual health. In addition to TRT, we provide complete wellness coaching through lifestyle changes to help increase testosterone naturally.

If you believe you may have low testosterone or are interested in increasing your testosterone levels, contact us today to get started.

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